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The importance of encouraging boys to talk about their mental health

Sixteen million people in the UK experience mental illness – that’s one in four of us! Three out of four (75%) mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday. 50% of mental health problems experienced by adults (excluding dementia) are established by their 14th birthday and 75%... Read more

The importance of managing our own stress as Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

Stress Awareness month has been held every April since 1992. Its aim is to raise awareness about the causes - and the cures - for what the Stress Management Society calls a ‘modern stress epidemic’. The Stress Management Society explains, “lack of support can cause loneliness and isolation,... Read more

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists – we can’t help others if we don’t look after ourselves

Throughout the year, our working lives have a rhythm that is sometimes fast and intense, other times slower or quieter. Think of deadlines before Christmas and going on holiday, the challenge of supporting new colleagues, appraisals… compared to the relief of finishing on time or being on holiday.... Read more

The importance of listening then talking

“A child seldom needs a good talking to as much as a good listening to,” wrote American author, Robert Brault. It’s a sentiment that we passionately agree with and something that’s critically important when it comes to a child’s wellbeing. Yet as anyone who lives or works with children and young... Read more